Essential Elysée Election! Nonverbal Profile of Emmanuel Macron

All of Europe is anxiously watching developments towards the presidential elections in France. Will Marine LePen of the Front National become president and lead her country away from the EU? Who will become her competitor in the second round of the elections and possibly rally al those against LePen to become president? The experienced and conservative François Fillon? Or will the surprising and young (39) Emmanuel Macron lead his new pro EU liberal party En Marche to victory? The first round of elections still two months away, but it seems Macron has a chance to win against the established parties.

What can we say about Emmanuel Macron as a person? The research based INSA profiling method of nonverbal strategy analysis provides a picture. In the INSA profiling method we measure an individual’s repetitive facial micromovents to establish his or her Personal Nonverbal Repertoire (PNR). These movements are unconscious and cannot be manipulated. They provide visible and reliable information about important elements of the personality.

When analyzing Emmanuel Macron these micromovements are most frequently visible:

  • Drawing up his eyebrows and upper eyelids
  • White underneath the iris in his right eye
  • Eyes closing partially in blinking

What does this say about the person Macron and his leadership style?

  • He is primarily action oriented and has ample willpower and endurance to reach his goal.
  • At the same time he is flexible and sensitive to include feedback from others in the way he goes about attaining that goal.
  • He is agile and tends to take the initiative, but also shows prudence by being able to wait and assess a situation.

This is the type of leader who inspires and exhorts others while showing that he respects them and is willing to listen.  It is a leader who has the courage to deliver a message that is not mainstream but at the same time taps into what people feel.

These qualities will be visible as long as Macron can stay in his comfort zone. His PNR holds the implicit message to others of these qualities and they seem to appeal to French voters in the past months.

When he is impacted by tension or stress he risks becoming less clear and focused, stuck in a dilemma between energetically taking the initiative or becoming more passive and secondary in his reactions. Drawbacks in the road to his goal will not easily impact him; negative feedback and personal attacks however may put his balance at risk. To what extent this can happen also depends on the support and loyalty from those around him.

In debate with Marine LePen

In a debate with Marine LePen he is likely to have the upper hand because of his agility as long as he can keep his patience and “helicopterview”. She is more phlegmatic and may suddenly attack or trick Macron into making a mistake. On the other hand he should be able to show himself as the more sympathetic and positive-minded candidate in comparison to a LePen who might get irritated by the quickness in his behavior. Time will tell whether they will be the candidates in the decisive second round of the elections.