TrainCoach (also as Masterclass Negotiating skills)

Would you like to thoroughly tackle the pitfall that you constantly encounter? This short but intensive mix of training and coaching is guaranteed to deliver results quickly.

The majority of messages that pass between people have more to do with non-verbal elements than with actual spoken words. In fact, it has been claimed that 90% of the content of any message can be assigned to non-verbal communication. This, however, is a little simplistic. A lot depends on the situation in which the communication takes place. In stressful situations, non-verbal communication will be of greater importance. The higher the level of stress, the higher the degree of importance.  Recurring and unconscious micro movements in the face provide insight into someone’s personal strategy.

What do you learn?

  • find out where you can make improvements in your  interaction with others, in situations of consultation and/or negotiation
  • experience how to make those improvements


More and immediate control over your weaker and stronger points in situations of consultation and/or negotiation.


Based on your own specific case, you will carry out a number of intensive exercises in small groups (max 4 people for one whole day, 2 people for half a day). The training is being prepared by an interview by the trainer to establish the development goals. An experienced actor will use his knowledge of non-verbal strategy analysis in order to highlight areas of improvement. In addition, the trainer coaches you in finding out yourself how to make those improvements. You will be given their undivided attention for 2 hours.

Training details

Date: On appointment

Duration: Half or whole day

Level: Basic and advanced

Costs: Tailor made depending on requirements

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