e-learning module

Learning to read and interpret non-verbal signals is like learning a new language: only by using it and practising it can you ever hope to make it your own. That’s why we urge you to continue practising after you completing the programme with INSA. Our e-learning module is perfect for this and for getting feedback on your observations and analysis.

What do you learn?

Emphasis is placed on the analytical skills you learned at the training. That means that you will be dealing with the following aspects:

  • Analysis and identification of non-verbal signals based on video material
  • Predicting behaviour on the basis of the non-verbal signals
  • Analysing the interaction between the people in the video


The honing and updating of analytical skills acquired in the INSA training programme.

For whom?

Members can sign up for the e-learning module after completing an INSA training programme.


Over the course of 12 months, you will receive 10 assignments related to the analysis of non-verbal signals and other aspects of the INSA training. After receiving the assignment, you will then have two weeks in which to complete it and send it back to us. You will receive feedback from one of our analysts within two weeks.

Training details

Duration: N.A.

Level: having completed training

Costs: €195 for 12 months

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