Masterclass Strategic Negotiating

Learn to predict the behaviour of others, how processes unfold and how to effectively react to the behaviour of your conversation partners. Learn how to prepare and apply strategies for processes based on non-verbal strategy analysis.

What do you learn?

  • To notice when your conversation partner is unconsciously experiencing stress and when this is not the case(sensitive and non-sensitive subject matter).
  • The kind of behaviour your conversation partner exhibits under stress (negotiation, cross-examination, conflict).
  • The kind of personality you are dealing with and the approach that is most likely to deliver success.
  • Identify why the interaction between two parties is going difficultly/smoothly and how to react.
  • Insight into the behaviour of individuals and problems within teams.
  • Using various tools, dictate the direction of conversations and enable interaction.


Development of the necessary basic skills in non-verbal strategy analysis for application in your own professional practice.

Learn how to prepare and apply strategies for processes based on non-verbal strategy analysis.

For whom?

Lawyers who are good judges of character and have good observation skills. The training is therefore most suitable for experienced professionals.


2 separate days, 4 day parts.

The theoretical basis is established in the introductory phase, in which visual material (photos and video) plays an important role. This will enable you to develop the analytical skills necessary to be able to identify subtle non-verbal patterns. You will first learn how to recognize patterns. Then you will deal with the various types of strategy, and their qualities and pitfalls, associated with those patterns. You will also learn the effects those patterns have on interpersonal interaction. Attention will then be focused on how to anticipate interaction situations through process direction and interventions. The theory and exercises will be constantly linked to real-life situations in the legal profession. For example, through applying the skills learned in conversation exercises. You can use the time between the training days  for specific exercises with the theory and skills learned .

If you wish to do so, you can also have a look at your own non-verbal behaviour. You will then be able to see the influence you yourself have on the process.

In order to keep your analytical skills sharp and up to date, you can participate in the  e-learning module.

As an example of what this training will bring you read our analysis about negotiating with Trump. Negotiating with Trump

Training details

Date: 24 April and 15 May 2018

Duration: 2 separate days , 4 day parts

Level: masterclass

Costs: €1150,- excl VAT

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