All information about our training programmes:

If you want to learn how to apply non-verbal strategic analysis in your own professional practice then ‘In-depth insight and Accurate actions’ is suitable as basic training. Its sequel is the "Masterclass Steering Unconscious Processes".

If you mainly want to know more about your own non-verbal presentation and its effects, you can choose ‘This is Me!’.

You can also work towards certification as Master Nonverbal Strategy Analysis by following the trainings above at your own pace.

Furthermore, INSA provides together with De Baak, training in negotiations at advanced and masterclass level. With our intensive TrainCoach approach you can also strengthen your effectiveness individually.

If it's important for you to signal early on whether a new team member or a new employee will show behavior that might damage the image of the organization and the relationship with for example clients, then the training Profiling and Risk Management is important for you. You will be trained in the combination in the INSA profiling method and other proven profiling techniques.

‘In-depth Insight and Accurate Actions’

Training details

Duration: 2 separate days, 5 day parts

Level: Basic

Costs: €895,-

When: 30 November 2017 and 10 January 2018; 19 March and 9 April 2018

Learn to predict the behaviour of others, how processes unfold and how to effectively react to the behaviour of your conversation partners.

‘This is me!’

Training details

Duration: 2 separate days, 4 day parts

Level: Basic

Costs: €795,-

When: 17 November and 12 December 2017

The more insight you have into your non-verbal presentation and the underlying processes, the more you will be able to influence your own behaviour and your own communication skills, both in your personal environment as well as at work.

‘Negotiating: Impulses to Move’

Training details

Duration: 2 days 5 day parts

Level: advanced

Costs: €950

When: May 2016

Work with your personal impact and qualities, learn to understand unconscious motivators in the other negotiator and translate them into an effective strategy and precise interventions to create and maintain movement and progress in negotiations. Intensive high-level training, combining over 25 years of practical negotiating experience to an innovative concept.

‘Master class in Directing Unconscious Processes’

Training details

Duration: 2 separate days, 5 day parts

Level: Advanced

Costs: €895,-

When: 14 and 27 November 2017; 23 April and 14 May 2018

In this master class, you will learn how to predict the interaction between people based on their individual non-verbal stress signals and how to adjust your strategies for process direction and intervention accordingly. Suitable for those who have already followed the the In-depth Insight and Accurate Actions training programme.

‘Masterclass Strategic Negotiating’

Training details

Duration: 2 separate days , 4 day parts

Level: masterclass

Costs: €1150,- excl VAT

When: 8 and 24 November 2017; 24 April and 15 May 2018

Learn to predict the behaviour of others, how processes unfold and how to effectively react to the behaviour of your conversation partners. Learn how to prepare and apply strategies for processes based on non-verbal strategy analysis.

‘TrainCoach (also as Masterclass Negotiating skills)’

Training details

Duration: Half or whole day

Level: Basic and advanced

Costs: Tailor made depending on requirements

When: On appointment

Would you like to thoroughly tackle the pitfall that you constantly encounter? This short but intensive mix of training and coaching is guaranteed to deliver results quickly.

‘Certification as Master of Nonverbal Strategy Analysis’

Training details

Duration: Variable

Level: From basic to Master

Costs: €4950,- ex VAT for companies and organizations, €4700,- ex VAT for independents

When: All through the year

Become master of Nonverbal Strategy Analysis at your own pace

‘e-learning module’

Training details

Duration: N.A.

Level: having completed training

Costs: €195 for 12 months

Learning to read and interpret non-verbal signals is like learning a new language: only by using it and practising it can you ever hope to make it your own. That’s why we urge you to continue practising after you completing the programme with INSA. Our e-learning module is perfect for…