Personal coaching

Non-verbal communication gives a very clear entry point of what it is you want to develop personally. Contact one of our coaches for an introductory conversation

Our life strategies are visible in the way we present ourselves, the way we speak, the things we say, the way we express ourselves with our face and body.  Through video analysis you will gain insight in your personality and your relation with others. Old patterns,  expectations and manners become clear and we help you to transform them into more effective strategies fitting your present challenges.

In coaching we provide a unique and effective way to  register, change and implement new  strategies into the clients life. The person’s  unique non-verbal repertoire becomes the guide to understanding, previously learned, maladaptive decisions and strategies. Coaching and therapy not only help in identifying our behavior, but also in analyzing and changing it. It can help you learn more about yourself and improve your relationships with others.

When is personal coaching suitable for you?

  • You experience  problems with teamwork.
  • You recognize burn-out symptoms or problems related to stress.
  • You have trouble with setting boundaries or being assertive.
  • You have relationship problems.
  • You have a need an unfulfilled need for contact with others.
  • You often ask yourself existential questions.
  • You are struggling with a big loss or divorce.
  • You recognize problems in the upbringing and behavior of your child.
  • You suffer from fears.
  • You suffer from depression.
  • You have PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome).

For more information and non-binding introductory meeting, you can get in touch with Annemieke Meurs.

email: or phone 0031-621867143