Peaks and Valley Seminar in Switzerland September 19 – 22 2014

The Peaks and Valley Seminar is a 4-day intensive workshop meant for professionals who want to get more insight into their personal strategies, as well as to work through the changes that they require to become more effective and balanced.

Starting with insight in the personal strategy, the participant will have the opportunity to actively work on reviewing and adapting their personal strategy towards a more efficient way of working. The professional workshop is organised and led by Annemieke Meurs. She will introduce you to the most interesting world of nonverbal communication and help you with your change process. Throughout the weekend guided walks are organized into the hills of Gietroz, under the supervision of Michiel Karels, mountain guide. Marjanne Karels, Osteopath D.O. will help the participants with osteopathic advice and treatment where necessary. For more information please look at this short introduction film:http://youtube/Wcjs-LKTAlQ