About INSA

INSA’s aim is to improve how people communicate with each other. To establish a deeper insight into the unconscious undercurrent in all communication that flows both ways: your own role in this and the role of your conversation partner(s). We do this by teaching the skills that enable people to recognise that behaviour and, if necessary, to change it so as to make communication more effective.

We create depth for our customers in an efficient manner and, as a result, make processes better and more efficient in everything from business negotiations to personal interaction. Our contribution results primarily in increased insight, understanding and focus on the (inter)personal level, in personal growth and in personal balance.

In order to be able to do this, we are constantly in the process of improving both the professionalism of ourselves and our products, and, as a result, the fundamental basis needed for structural growth and continuity of our concept and  our business.

As an institute for non-verbal strategy analysis, we see ourselves as a centre for expertise that is strongly oriented towards practical application across a wide range of activities, including coaching, negotiating, teamwork, decision-making, conflict prevention, and conflict mediation and therapy.

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