Be sure to get the best out of non-verbal communication!


Are you looking for rapid and in-depth insight into the potential of a team, so that you can adjust your actions effectively and efficiently?

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Learn to predict the behaviour of others, how processes unfold and how to effectively react to the behaviour of your conversation partners. Learn how to prepare and apply strategies for processes based on non-verbal strategy analysis.

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Directors & W. Councils

INSA has more than 30 years of experience in consultancy and support in the areas of labour relations and employment conditions. Both for company boards and employers organisations as well as for works councils.

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Non-verbal communication gives a very clear entry point of what it is you want to develop personally. Contact one of our coaches for an introductory conversation

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Our training programmes

‘Negotiating: Impulses to Move’

Training details

Duration: 2 days 5 day parts

Level: advanced

Costs: €950

When: June 2018

Work with your personal impact and qualities, learn to understand unconscious motivators in the other negotiator and translate them into an effective strategy and precise interventions to create and maintain movement and progress in negotiations. Intensive high-level training, combining over 25 years of practical negotiating experience to an innovative concept.

‘Certification as Master of Nonverbal Strategy Analysis’

Training details

Duration: Variable

Level: From basic to Master

Costs: €4950,- ex VAT for companies and organizations, €4700,- ex VAT for independents

When: All through the year

Become master of Nonverbal Strategy Analysis at your own pace